Top 6 Cooking Cool Math Games 2018 For Kids

Hungry for great cooking games? Today, at Cool Maths Game, we introduce you a list of top 6 cooking cool math games. You will become a pro chef and spend time experiencing delightful moments at the virtual kitchen. Via the following games, you’ll learn almost everything about the cooking process, from prepping, chopping and cooking to presenting.

Here are our choices for the best cool math cooking games for kids (but even adults can play, really)…check out now!

1. Papa’s Donuteria

Papas Donuteria

The first choice of us is cool math games Papa’s Donuteria. Like any cooking game from the Papa’s series, your ultimate goal here is to manage the Donuteria Shop of Papa Louie without causing any problem. Taking place in the whimsical town of Power Point, this shop has attracted many customers. All you need to do is – serving them the most beautiful, delicious donuts.

Complete the given tasks in Papa s Donuteria cool math games perfectly for not only money but also awesome tips, from taking customers’ order, preparing dough to frying and decorating donuts. Upgrade the donut shop by purchasing new equipment and decorations with the cash.

2. London Pizza

Do you love London food? If yes, Cool Maths Game will give you a secret recipe of how to make a yummy London Pizza. Everything is ready – just hit PLAY button and enter the kitchen in this game. Here, you are a tourist who is learning to make a typical London pizza from the best pizza maker of a famous restaurant. Follow his friendly instruction and you’ll have the most incredible experience. You can find all necessary ingredients on the interface like pizza dough, meat, vegetables, spice, etc.

Will you be able to cook an eye-catching pizza? Challenge now!

3. Papa’s Cupcakeria

Papas Cupcakeria

Welcome to cool math games Papa’s Cupcakeria, kids! This time, you will help Papa Louie run his Cupcakeria Shop. Have you ever made cupcakes? If not, then grab this opportunity as a new experience. Similar to other Papa’s games, the ultimate goal here is to satisfy your customers with boxes of lovely, delicious cupcakes.

As the worker at Papa’s shop, your jobs are to take order from each customer, prepare and bake cupcakes, and add toppings as well as syrups to cupcakes. Always upgrade the baking equipment to shorten the waiting time. Deliver the best service to get good tips aside from the basic money. In addition, go to the furniture store and buy decorations to attract more customers.

4. Ice Cream Parlour

Ice Cream Parlour

Obviously, ice cream is always the best choice in a hot summer day, right? Quickly run to Ice Cream Parlour and serve all of your customers with tasty treats. In this food serving game, you need to make the ice cream for a long line of waiting customers. Based on their orders, you must choose correct ingredients (flavors, types of cones, etc.) to keep them happy. Be fast and flexible, or the customers will leave if they have to wait too long.

5. Papa’s Freezeria

Papas Freezeria

Looking for a fun-addicting Papas games ice cream? Give Papa’s Freezeria a try! Your objective here is to help Alberto and Penny run the Freezeria Shop while they’re on their summer break. In this time management game, you will be in charge of serving fresh ice-cream sundaes to many customers. Do not let your customers wait too long, or you won’t get any extra tips.

This cool math games Papa’s Freezeria features many types of ice cream and dozens of toppings, syrups as well as candy. Play now to unlock all!

6. Papa’s Bakeria

Papas Bakeria

Here comes another food serving game from the Papa’s cooking series; that’s, cool math games Papa’s Bakeria. In this installment, you’ll work at the Bakeria Store, located at the Whiskview Mall. Papa Louie gives you a challenging task here – making delicious pies for his loyal customers…can you? If you have no experience in baking pies, follow step-by-step tutorials once the game starts. Serve perfectly and you will earn both EXP and daily bonus.

Keep delivering customers well-made pies for money to unlock nice furniture and decorations for Papa’s Bakeria Store.

BEST Sites to Play Cooking Cool Math Games

Cooking Cool Math Games

In this article, Cool Maths Game introduces you three best game sites where you can savor hundreds of exciting and innovative cooking games and other fun games like puzzles, skills and physics, bloons, Minecraft, etc. Mostly, games we provide are cool math; thus, you can reduce stress and develop your brain thinking while playing.

Take your spare time to discovering:


For sure, our game sites are the best places when it comes to offering addicting free online games – totally safe and secure. Freely enjoy your favorite game anytime you like on your PC; the data will always be saved. Without ad, time limitation, registration and payment, you can access to new games every day. What are you waiting for?

There are, now on the Internet, numerous cooking games. If you love cooking or are interested in the virtual cooking world, we once again recommend you to visit sites mentioned above. These sites offer amazing collections of cooking cool math games full of surprises. Now you can do whatever you want – mix, fry, sauté or bake – without worrying about dirtying your hands; just a click of your mouse, the cooking process has never been that easy.

Which types of cooking games you prefer? If you want games featuring the time management element, then go with Papa’s games or Papas pizza games. For those who look for some cooking lessons or a little inspiration for your cook book, games like Taco Salad or Berry Ice Cream might impress you.

In general, playing cooking games can unleash your imagination. You will have creative moments via making food in the virtual kitchen. Whether you want to play for fun, pass boring time at school or work or learn something new, the cooking game genre is exactly what you need. As for the young kids who don’t find cooking games entertaining, don’t be disappointed as still a lot of games covering the genres you adore.



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