Top 5 Survival Games Like Minecraft You’ll Love

Since 2009, Minecraft has become one of the most successful sandbox games. It is also considered as the best game for kids. The gameplay stimulates the brain thinking and developing ability as well as creativity in children. Minecraft offers players an infinite world in which they can move freely and do whatever they want including mining, crafting, building and fighting. The multiplayer feature, in addition, allows the gamer to interact with friends and strangers online.

Survival Games Like Minecraft

After the great success of Minecraft, a lot of games like Minecraft have shown up on the minecraft games market. Some choose to stay close to the original. On the other hand, a few go with a totally different gameplay, only featuring the Minecraft theme. These games mainly contain the survival gameplay, crafting sandbox action and pixel-based environment. Still Minecraft but you now can savor other thrilling genres – how awesome it is! In this article, Cool Maths Game introduces you top 5 amazing survival games like Minecraft, from first-person shooting action to real-time strategy.

  • Terraria

What makes this game similar to Minecraft? Starting off your journey in Terraria, you will need to mine and gather needful materials in order to build your very first shelter. Like the blockbuster, there are also threats appearing at night. While hiding in your flimsy house, check your gathered resources for the best weapon to keep you from being attacked. A variety of hostiles will show up at night – play and survive!

You can play Terraria on all devices – PC, Vita, PS3, Android and iOS.

  • 3079

The next minecraftgames choice of Cool Maths Game is 3079. You can’t help but thinking of Minecraft once looking at this game’s graphics – still the familiar blocky visual style. Not much building; instead, you will participate in a lot of shooting, destroying and killing things. This classic RPG takes place in a Minecraft-inspired sci-fi world where you’ll be dragged into a fierce war between two groups of blocky people. Fight using and high-powered projectile weapons to survive is all you need to do here!

Freely enjoy 3079 on PC and Mac.

  • Block Fortress
Block Fortress Game

When playing this game, it’s all about survival. Like any Minecraft survival game, your life mainly depends on how well your defending skill is. To cope with hordes of enemies, it’s necessary to set up the advanced protection system using armaments, walls, and even lights. Mining valuable resources, preparing weapons and fighting against invaders are your jobs in Block Fortress (iOS). There are three available modes to explore – Sandbox, First-person shooter, and Tower Defense.

  • Ace of Spades: Battle Builder

In order to survive in this first-person shooter, you must be excellent at crafting. Unlike Minecraft, you don’t have to worry about resources or materials here. This game provides plenty of crafting pieces which Cool Maths Game players love. Put on a helmet and freely complete the world you desire. Once finished, you can visit other players’ construction site and begin your attack.

Have fun with this game only on PC.

  • CastleMinerZ (available on 360 and PC)

Hordes of enemies are awaiting you in CastleMinerZ. If you want to save your life, the only way is to craft guns. In this Minecraft inspired first-person shooter, gun is the key item helping you deal with a long list of monsters – zombies, skeletons and dragons. Will you survive in the world full of cubes and terrified beasts? Find out here!

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