Top 5 Scariest Things In Minecraft

Minecraft is a special kind of game full of surprise yet also creepiness. It’s not that this open-ended sandbox game is creepy – anyway, Minecraft is still a game for kids at ages from 8 to 13. However, it does feature add characters and discomforting, frightening moments. There are many debates between Minecraft followers about whether or not this game is scary.

Highly unique, Minecraft is no longer a simple game; instead, it also focuses on social interaction online. With a vast variety of creation and community, you are invited to a virtual world that is not like anything else. Minecraft can be fun and colorful, but it also offers a creepy side for exploration.

Since it is a game stimulating self-discovery, grab today’s chance to uncover some creepy things in Minecraft, presented by Cool Maths Games.

1. Herobrine

Scariest Things in Minecraft

This character is always a controversial topic – some say that they’ve met him or seen signs of him, while others assume that Herobrine isn’t real. Of course, there is no confirmation whether he is fictional or actually exists; his existence is up to your imagination. According to Cool Maths Games, Herobrine is not really a creepy-pasta – he seems to appear randomly at particular times, making him mysterious.

2. Baby Zombies

Not zombies, but baby zombies give us chill. Their cute appearance cannot hide the fact of how incredibly deadly they are. At the first time seeing one, you might not think them that scary. Nevertheless, in fact, these tiny creatures are dangerous in a morbid way – they are extremely quick and murderous.

For those who don’t feel the threat of baby zombies yet, just wait until you get cornered by group of them.

3. Endermen

Inspired by a fictional supernatural character, Slender Man, Endermen are odd creatures having the slim black figure. "It is terribly scary when I see an Enderman during my Minecraft gaming”, says a player at Cool Maths Games. Not as dangerous as baby zombies, they are just bad guys. Do nothing to them and they are completely neutral; however, be cautious if you are planning to attack any of them.

Never stare at Endermen’s creepy purple eyes, or they might be the last thing you see.

4. Dark Woods and Monsters

How do you feel if you have to be in the dark woods with the existence of monsters everywhere? Sounds pretty scary, huh?

Dark Woods and Monsters

If you are looking for a place to test your braveness, then go straight to the Minecraft woods. This place at night is the scariest as it’s the home of all the deadly mobs. Walking alone and knowing numerous monsters are sneaking around every corner – just this feeling can kill you. Simply imagine that you might face a hoard of skeletons, zombies, baby zombies, spiders and bats.

Is there any chance to survive from there? Yes, but very low!

5. Cave Ambience

Chosen by Cool Maths Games, you can only go into Cave Ambience when playing the Survival mode. So, what is Cave Ambience? It is a dark cave where you will hear ambient sounds. Most Minecraft players can’t stand of freaky noises suddenly pop up inside a cave at random moments. Truthfully, they sound awfully scary – some even mute the sound and only play the game.

What do you think? Which one is the scariest, in your opinion?

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  1. matin says:

    Cave ambiences are the scariest things in MC

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