Top 10 Online Christmas Games 2021 for Kids Worth Playing

If you’re looking for games about Christmas Holiday, this article is for you.

What are top 10 online Christmas games 2021?

The following games will take you to the North Pole to help Santa and his elves or celebrate the coming of Christmas through different activities. Sometimes you should take part in delivering the gifts, while you can help your characters get ready at other times. There’s so much to do, and so many adventures to be had, so let’s get started setting up for the Christmas season!

Continue reading and find out more games about this festive season below.

List of 10 BEST Christmas Games Online to Play

1. Christmas Chain

Christmas Chain

What is Christmas Chain?

It’s a Zuma-based game with Christmas theme in which you can test your skill and agility. If you’re a fan of Zuma game, then you can’t skip this one. Become Santa Claus’ assistant and accompany him with the mission here. All you have to do is to make chains of three or more balls of the same color by using the mouse. As you progress to higher levels, the game pace will be faster. Don’t let the chain fall into the hole, or the game will be over.

Successfully fulfill the objective to gain the highest score.

2. Christmas Madness

Christmas Madness

Go to Christmas Madness and give Santa a hand.

Christmas Holiday finally comes and Santa Claus needs to do his job…that’s, handing out presents to good children from all around the world. This is a tired mission; much worse, this time Santa’s reindeers somehow feel so exhausted just halfway of the entire journey. Instead of wasting time to rush back to North Pole to seek for more assistance, why don’t you help him fulfill the objective?

Tap the left mouse to make him jump over obstacles and gaps while running on the rooftop. Be careful and earn highest points, or the game will end instantly!

3. Bubble Charms

Bubble Charms

Here comes a fun bubble shooter game with a cheerful design and smooth gameplay to explore!

Jump into Bubble Charms and fire bubbles at a wall of colorful bubbles. Similar to any matching games, your ultimate goal is to match three or more of the bubbles to remove them off the wall. Use the mouse to aim and tap the left mouse to shoot bubbles. If you keep throwing failing shots, the game will push more bubbles down towards you. You can swap bubbles with spacebar to perform the task easier.

Try to destroy big groups of bubbles to get more points. The more levels you play, the more blockers and power-ups will show up.

4. Baby Hazel: New Year Bash

Baby Hazel: New Year Bash

Baby Hazel finally comes back in Baby Hazel: New Year Bash!

This time, Baby Hazel and her family are invited to uncle John’s Ice Castle for New Year celebrations. If you want to have fun with Hazel in this installment, then set foot to the party venue on time. Your mission here is to interact with all the characters and fulfill their demands in every stage with the mouse. Make sure Hazel has a great time on the cruise with her family and Santa Claus.

What are you waiting for?

Tap PLAY and enjoy the snowy New Year with Baby Hazel at the Ice Castle.

5. Christmas Dentist

Christmas Dentist

The next Christmas-themed game that we’re going to share with you guys here is Christmas Dentist, which I believe you will enjoy very much this time of year.

Not only the children, but Santa Claus, reindeers, yetis and elves also need to fix their teeth before Christmas Holiday. Travel to the North Pole and help them with that before they deliver presents to everyone. Become the dentist and give them a bright and shiny smile like snowy flakes in the winter. To complete the task perfectly, make use of different tools using the mouse. The gameplay is simple: you’ll find the instruction for each when clicking on any of them.

Good luck and have fun in this really awesome game!

6. Christmas Delivery Parking

Christmas Delivery Parking

Guess what? Santa Claus is coming to town!

Go to Christmas Delivery Parking and become his reliable driver. Your primary task in this game is to help Santa pick up all the presents and successfully deliver them to all the children. Before starting the journey, you need to select your Christmas delivery vehicle. In each level, you have 3 minutes to fulfill the mission, so dride faster. Avoid obstacles (trees, houses, etc.) while navigating the vehicle; otherwise, you have to start over.

Drive the sleigh with the arrows.

7. Passenger Pickup 3D Winter

Passenger Pickup 3D Winter

Christmas is coming; that’s why more people go out to see the sights.

In Passenger Pickup 3D Winter, you will become a bus driver. It’s never easy to navigate the public transportation, but driving it in the winter is even harder because of the weather. With frost, snowstorms, and snow covering the roads wholly, the movement of the bus gets more complicated. Your job is to pick all the passengers at the bus stops and drop them in their destination. Also stay in a strictly designated place, it is highlighted. Then, wait for passengers to enter the bus and move away.

You will earn money with each completed level. Later purchase more advanced buses to drive through difficult mountainous terrains. Can you finish all 15 levels?

8. Find The Presents

Find The Presents

It’s time to Find The Presents, guys!

All the presents have been prepared for Christmas Holiday. However, some naughty elves have hidden them somewhere in the front yard of Santa Claus’ house. If Santa don’t have the gifts, he won’t be able to send out to the children. Travel to the North Pole and assist him immediately! Walk around his place and gather all the presents hiding before the given time runs out.

Hold the left mouse if you want to rotate the screen and tap the left mouse to pick up hidden gifts. Good luck!

9. Christmas Delivery Academy 3D

Christmas Delivery Academy 3D

Set foot to Christmas Delivery Academy 3D and help Santa deliver presents to kids from all around the world.

Have you ever thought of becoming Santa’s assistant? If the answer is no, then try out this 3D delivery game and your dream will come true. In the game, your Santa is sick so he needs to rest and can’t continue the journey. Of course he can’t make the children disappointed; that’s why you need to help him. Jump on his sleigh and ride around to deliver all the gifts to the children who are waiting. Avoid colliding with any obstacle along the track. Stay in the highlighted spot to proceed to next levels.

You can ride the sleigh with arrow keys.

10. Christmas Survival FPS

Christmas Survival FPS

Are you ready for intense shooting battles in the Christmas season?

Start your adventure in Christmas Survival FPS right away! No Santa Claus, reindeers or elves, the thing you need to deal with here is zombies. They already woke up in the winter. If you don’t destroy them, humans can’t celebrate Christmas Holiday peacefully. So, quickly load the gun and knock out all the zombies and deadly animals, or they will attack you for sure. Select your team to join and kill as many as possible to gain the victory in the game.

You can move with WASD or arrows, jump with Spacebar, switch weapons with 1 2 3 keys, crouch with C, and take action with the mouse.

Much fun!


So, that’s all for top 10 online Christmas games 2021.

In this article, has already listed down a collection of free online Christmas games that you can enjoy in the holiday season. You can enjoy seasonal versions of popular games, like matching three and bubble shooter, or help Santa Claus as well as his assistants a warm fix their teeth before the important day.

We also provide some delivery games having the Christmas theme. Help Santa prepare and send out gifts, guide him to jump over chimneys, or find presents. Delivering gifts to children around the world is hard work. That’s why the heroes of these Christmas games need your assistance to get everything ready on time!

Have a browse and you’ll find all kinds of fun games to play.

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