Top 10 BEST Cool Math Games in 2021 Worth Trying

You want to challenge your brain?

Our top 10 best cool math games in 2021 here are ready to serve.

We’ve been stuck at home for a while and you may feel super bored now. In case you probably run out of things to do, these recommended games are the best to try. With a wide selection, let’s check them out now:

1. Run 3

Run 3

Who doesn’t love the Run series?

This is a popular game series, but here I want to suggest Run 3 because it’s the latest version with the best graphics. Here is a brand new galaxy waiting for your exploration, players! The main objectives are running and jumping carefully through rotating tunnels in space.

There are two modes in Run 3: Explore Mode and Infinite Mode. Remember to collect power cells along the track in the endless run. As the game progresses, you will unlock more characters, areas, and other features.

Play as a runner and explore tunnels in this game.

2. Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple

Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple

Have you tried Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple yet?

In this cool math game, you need to take control of both characters: Fireboy and Watergirl.

Each of them has special power, so you must make use of them to get through all deadly obstacles. Guide them through the maze safely and collect diamonds scattered along the way as well in every level. For the success, both have to escape through the exit. Keep in mind that fire and ice can’t be mixed, but sometime the two characters have to work together.

Beat all the levels for the ultimate victory.

3. Chess


Are you good at playing chess?

If the answer is yes, then go to Chess and prove your ability against the computer, a random opponent, or your friend. In this game, the primary goal is (of course) to get a checkmate. To do that, you must lure the other player’s King into a position where it’s locked or you can capture it.

Use your mouse to move all the pieces on the board. Please note that each piece moves differently. Think logically and have a strategic plan if you want to be the champion in Chess.

4. Moto X3M

Moto X3M

Can you make it through all the courses?

This is a fun skill-based motorcycle game in which you need to avoid all kinds of obstacles (dangerous hazards, and so on) to reach the finish line successfully. Once the adventure in Moto X3M starts, your job is to hop on a cool motorbike and drive through tons of rough, dangerous hills.

For extra points, you need to perform incredible tricks and stunts in the air. Accelerate, brake, and flip your bike wisely while moving on the way. Try to finish each level as quickly as possible.

Go to Moto X3M and challenge now!

5. Tiny Fishing

Tiny Fishing

Welcome you all to Tiny Fishing, a hyper-casual fishing game with a fun, simple gameplay. The ultimate goal here is to cast your line and reel in order to catch as many fishes as possible, and later you can sell them. The more fishes you hook, the more money you earn. Use all the accumulated coins for advanced upgrades.

The most essential thing you should upgrade is your pole. It can increase the amount of fish in every catch. Next is to upgrade your maximum depth to catch more valuable creatures under the sea.

You can even discover gold and hidden treasures when fishing.

6. Snake


I believe we all know this classic game.

Snake is an old yet fun game that most of us have played at least once when feeling bored. Though it has come in many interesting forms, this cool math version is still preferred most. Simple graphics and gameplay, Snake will never make you disappointed.

Here you’ll take control of a green snake and your mission is to help it collect as many apples as possible. The more apples the snake eats, the longer it gets. While setting the highest record, remember not to hit any wall or run into yourself.

Eat the apples and see how long you can survive.

7. Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online

Penalty Kick Online is an exciting soccer game in which you’ll become a penalty kicker in your team. As soon as tapping PLAY, you need to score as many goals as you can with 15 attempts given. Sounds easy, right?

As a professional kicker, you have to show your accurate shots. Use the mouse to navigate the ball skillfully. Balancing the strength of your kick is important. Don’t shoot it too hard or you could miss the chance. In order to win a match, it’s a must to score the most goals after 5 rounds.

Let’s win trophies in Penalty Kick Online!

8. Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria

Come here to manage your time and make delicious pizzas.

The Papa’s cooking game series is really popular and I want to introduce one of them in today’s list: that’s Papa’s Pizzeria.

Once again, Papa Louie has left the town all of sudden, leaving his pizza shop for you to take care of. So, all you need to do are taking orders, adding toppings to the pizzas, putting them in oven, and finally cutting them to serve. To make Papa proud and customers satisfied, players must work fast and faster.

Accumulate a big tip to upgrade the shop.

Enjoy playing this classic game!

9. Hangman


It’s time to guess all the words in this classic Hangman game.

The ultimate goal here is to save yourself from a hungry monster. The game will give you a topic in each level, and then you need to guess correct letters to fill in the blank spaces. If your guess is wrong, then a balloon will pop. Once all are popped, you will fall on the ground and get attacked by the monster.

Think carefully and stick to the theme to solve the puzzle. The score will increase with each success, so does the difficulty level.

10. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

Do you love billiard games?

If yes, then 8 Ball Pool is definitely a game for you.

In this single player pool game, you’ll compete against AI opponents with 3 difficulty levels. Once starting the match, quickly aim your pool cue and set the power for your shot. The primary goal is to pocket all 7 of your colored pool balls, while stopping your opponent from doing the same.

To win, you need to pocket the black ball into the exact hole that you choose. Hitting it into the pocket before other ball or into wrong pocket will make you lose, so be careful.

Grab a cue and take your best shot!    

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