Run 1 Cool Math Game Review

Do you feel tired from work or school? If yes, then why don’t you look for something entertaining? How about a game featuring racing and running? Yes again, and you are in the right place. Here, I recommend Run 1 cool math game, such a great choice to have fun. Developed by Kongregate, Run 1 is one of the most popular flash games on the Internet.

Run 1 Cool Math Game

Just like its name, this game is all about running. Once tapping the Start button, your task is to ultimately run. At the same time, you must be skillful enough to avoid multiple holes and obstacles displayed along the way. Run game takes place on a very wide interface – a 2D space with an infinite distance. The back ground is very simple; it is the combination of three colors: black, green and lime.

How to play?

In order to play Run 1 cool math game, you need to make use of the arrow keys (left and right) for moving around. Also, do not forget to tap Spacebar, as this button helps your character to jump and escape dangerous threats. Of course, these situations only happen if you play with PC web-browser.

In case you want to enjoy Run on mobile devices such as the smartphone or tablet, then simply swipe the screen with your fingers.

As you all know, Run 1 is the first part of Run series. Intensively challenging, this game will put both your skills and flexibility on test. Choose between the Runner and the Skater; then, take action. Get prepared well for upcoming missions – your primary objective is to set your very own record by beating all the scores. While making your way to the victory, it is necessary to gather scattered gold coins along the way for bonus points.

This game requires a lot of keenness from you, players. To complete all levels neatly, you should make tactical jumps. Do not stop running, or you can’t help but falling off the space. Most importantly, remember to rotate platforms – it is the only solution to avoid obstacles and holes.

What is the goal of Run?

Goal of Run 1 Game

Similar to other running games, the ultimate goal here is to run as far as possible. Not over yet, you have to go through numerous things that block your way as well as interfere your journey. If you overcome all difficulties, you can access to the next level successfully.

Try your best to clear each stage within the limited time. Besides, it would be better if you can finish each level with a high score. As mentioned earlier, the most possible way is to gather all the gold coins before they start fading out. These coins offer extra points will surely put your name at the top of the Leaderboard.

So, do not be late when it comes to Run 1 cool math game. Let’s play and see how much distance you can cover!


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