Cool Math Papa’s Freezeria – How To Play?

For many of you, Papa’s series is very familiar. One of the most popular games from the series is Cool Math Papa’s Freezeria. Made and developed by Flipline, this restaurant management game offers its players a very amazing summer job. Like other previous installments, you will continue running the business for Papa’s restaurant chains. This time is his ice-cream and smoothie shop.

Cool Math Papa's Freezeria

Get ready to accept the job on the tropical island of Calypso? If yes, tap Start! As you can see, Papa’s Freezeria is a lovely ice-cream and smoothie shop located opposite the ocean. Can you feel the summer yet? You will be the only person taking charge of running this shop during the tourist season until Papa returns. Right now, a large number of tourists are coming to Calypso Island, not only to see the beauty of this place but also to taste the best frozen ice cream treats. What are you waiting for? Quickly serve your picky customers the sweetest things in the form of fresh sundaes.

Using only your mouse, you will start your working day by noting down all the customers’ wishes at the Order Station. Next, move to the Build Station where you need to choose the cup size and fill it with mixables and syrups. You then have to visit the Mix Station to blend it all together. Finally, go to the Top Station for toppings. Try to complete as many orders as possible before the shop is closed. More importantly, you must satisfy all of your customers to get a high score and better tips.

Papa's Freezeria Gameplay

Papa’s Freezeria features a lot of cool ingredients like plentiful types of syrups, toppings and candies that will be unlocked as you progress. Not only new customers, you will also see many familiar faces in previous Papa’s editions return in this game. Well, of course no one can resist the flavor of your ice cream sundaes. Additionally, the time-management and hands-on gameplay is brought back in Papa’s Freezeria with new challenges. You must get ‘Perfect’ in blending ingredients and filling the right ice cream amount for extra money.

The money you earn from serving sundaes then can be used to equip the shop. You can find over 100 lobby decorations available to be purchased from the Furniture Store. Each item will help improving your serving rate. In the shop, you can freely set wallpaper and posters and place furniture any way you like. Whether you fill the room with the gum machine, add bookshelves and flower vases or stick Calypso Island posters – the choice is all yours!

Making sundaes is never as fun as in Cool Math Papa’s Freezeria. Both kids and adults very enjoy this game. If you want to give it a try, don’t mind visiting here.

Have fun in the ice-cream, smoothie and sundae world with Papa’s Freezeria!


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