Cool Math Games Run 2 Review

If you enormously enjoyed Run, the hit game from Kongregate, then simply keep on the fun with Cool Math Games Run 2. Comparing to the previous installment, Run 2 offers about 80 brand-new levels, plus 2 different yet very interesting game modes – Runner and Skater. The second version, according the developer, will be much harder in order to challenge both new and skillful players.

Cool Math Games Run 2

Run 2 is finally here and you can play it for absolutely free at In this popular runner platforming game, you will go on a space adventure again. Before the journey begins, you need to choose between Runner and Skater. If you want to start off with ease, then pick the standard runner. On the other hand, if you want to put your skills on the advanced level, don’t mind going with the skater. While playing Skater mode, you’ll find that guiding the character to move properly is extremely tricky but in return you can easily achieve a great distance.

The objective of Run 2 players is guiding the little alien creature to jump and move in a world full of obstacles and holes. While avoiding falling into deadly holes, it’s a must to collect all the coins along the way. Run cleverly from platform to platform and complete each level before the time runs out. Simply adjust the difficulty level, speed, quality and frame rate of the game and then savor it comfortably. In both Runner and Skater modes, there are plenty of different certain levels that you need to complete for the win.

As you progress, levels will become harder to deal with. Run 2 is such a real test of your skills, definitely. Below is a clip helping you finish all stages here in just 3:30 minutes:

Why every tube runner fan has to check out Cool Math Games Run 2? This 3D-styled game is set in an infinite maze-liked tunnel in space. As mentioned earlier, you must direct a 2D character to go through that 3 dimensional course without falling out. For the control, use the arrows to either run or skate and press spacebar to jump. Oh, keep in mind that the collected coins can be used to unlock new characters. Lastly, what instantly amazed the players is the graphics. The graphics of Run 2 have a very unique design – it is the combination of 2D and 3D graphics. Generally, it still looks awesome without distorting your perception of depth.

Another difference of Run 2 is a new high-score board. Now you can track your performance and see how far you are able to achieve. Will you successfully climb on the leaderboard at the top rank? Play Cool Math Games Run 2 and find out!

What you shouldn’t forget when relishing Run 2? To win, you need to:

Not slow down.
Not fall off.
Not give up.


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