Cool Math Games Papa’s Cupcakeria Introduction

Do you love cupcakes? Then let Cool Math Games Papa’s Cupcakeria take you to a wonderful cupcake shop where you have a chance making your very own delicious cupcakes. In this restaurant management game, you have to travel to Frostfield and work at Papa’s cupcake shop to pay off your debt. What happened? Find out now!

While Papa Louie was on his way back to his new restaurant, Papa’s Cupcakeria, his car was hit from behind by another car. It turned out the driver that caused the trouble is no one but you. Although you apologized, Papa seemed very angry. He even demanded payment; unfortunately, you had no money at that time. Finally, Papa came up with a reasonable solution – you have to work at Papa’s Cupcakeria to compensate for the expenses.

Cool Math Games Papa's Cupcakeria

Similar to other games of Papa’s series, you will perform all the tasks at four main stations – Order Station, Bake Station, Build Station and Batter Station. Firstly, you start off your working day by taking different orders from all customers. Next, move to the Batter Station and select the cupcake paper as well as fill it with the appropriate batter. Remember not to fill the batter too little or too much – well, half-fill is perfect. Then, you need to visit the Bake Station for the baking process. Drag your cupcakes onto the oven and take them out instantly whenever they are ready; otherwise, all will be burnt. Last but not least, stop at the Build Station to decorate cupcakes as per customers’ wish.

Papa’s Cupcakeria offers a variety of ingredients helping you complete your cupcakes building job well. As the game progresses, plentiful kinds of frosting and toppings like sprinkles, cookie crumbs, cherries and more will be unlocked. Use only your mouse to run the cupcake shop.

Papa's Cupcakeria Gameplay

The score that you’ll get later depends on your performance at each task. If you do well, not only a high score, but you will also earn better tips plus rewarded tickets to play mini-games. There are a lot of mini-games that players can have fun with – you will earn prizes and cash for the win, surprisingly. Earn as much money as possible since it is necessary for upgrading the cupcake shop in the future. All the decorations can be purchased from the Furniture Store. Noticeably, each decoration object has a different influence to your bakery function.

In general, Cool Math Games Papa’s Cupcakeria is the awesome choice for individuals that love cupcakes, cooking and games. You can play this highly addictive game by visiting

Time to bake the best cupcakes in town!


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