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Not just Minecraft, by visiting, you can enjoy a lot of games of different genres. Today, we want to present you all a game genre that not only brings you joy but also improves your skills and abilities in reality – that is the cool math game. These days, many parents encourage their child to play cool math games as it is an excellent way for children’s brain-thinking development.

Best Cool Math Games 2017

At Cool Maths Game, the main purpose of us is to change the way of your thinking about math. Who thought math couldn’t be fun? In fact, math can be very enjoyable – not only about numbers, you will also learn other things like how to set up a plan logically or how to make a strategic decision. Cool math games are available for both children and adults. No violence, no terrifying action, just a bunch of challenges combined between logic and fun, helping you speed your thinking and train your brain in the most interesting way.

Below are some of best 2018 cool math games you will certainly love to play.

Strategy games:

  1. Clicker Heroes – This idle game asks you to continually click on the screen to kill monsters. You’ll get rewarded with gold which is used to purchase advanced boosters as well as upgrade heroes.
  2. Sugar, sugar – Such a very popular game, your objective here is to draw logical lines to add the sugar into the coffee cup.
  3. Papa’s Cooking Series – In these restaurant management games such as Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria…etc…, use your skill in controlling time and cooking to keep customers happy for big tips. Always upgrade your shop to attract more visitors.
  4. Bloons Tower Defense – Help a group of monkeys withstand the attack of a large number of poisoned balloons. Place different weapons and items along different tracks to pop all the colorful balloons.
  5. Dig To China – Keep mining and mining for many rare materials within the limited time. To go deeper, remember to upgrade the digging machine.

Number games:

Number Games
  1. Sudoku – You can’t miss out this addicting number puzzler when it comes to number games. Three difficulty levels to challenge your limit.
  2. Duck Life – Help your little duck to win every race in this game by doing math correctly. Upgrade his skills for swimming and flying, also.
  3. 2048 – Everyone knows this game. Don’t be hesitant to play and see how long you need to reach 2048.
  4. Johnny Upgrade – Do your math wisely and fast to help Johnny complete his quests well. Earn much money for upgrades!

There are still numerous games at Cool Maths Game for exploration including cool math minecraft and games like minecraft






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